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Video broadcasting service BlogTV goes mobile

BlogTV now works on your mobile phone.

Today, Israel-based video blogging service BlogTV is releasing a new version of its service for mobile users. We checked out the desktop version back in June and came away impressed. Today's release brings mobile viewing to the equation, letting anyone with a compatible phone watch shows live using their phone's Web browser.

Users who visit on their phones get a small array of thumbnails for live shows, along with matching text links and descriptions. Opening the links launches the phone's media player and gets the show streaming. Also included in the stream are user and host comments, that match similar mobile entertainment offerings from Kyte and Qik.

The coolest new feature to come along with this (and what I think sets BlogTV apart) is its alerts system. The system lets users subscribe to shows, and receive SMS alerts when a show is coming on. This lets users avoid having to check online, or worry about missing a show away from their computer. I'm not sure how many people are going to take part in this, but it could definitely be handy in certain circumstances.

To see the service in action, here's a video of BlogTV's Senior VP Product and Content, Nir Ofir, giving it a spin on a pretty standard (read: not a smartphone) handset: