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Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Curve now available

The RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 goes on sale at Verizon Wireless starting today.

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330
RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 Verizon Wireless

If you're a Verizon Wireless customer and have been waiting for the RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 ever since it was announced at CTIA 2008, today's your day. You can now get the smartphone online for about $170 with a two-year contract and after rebates and discounts. To give you a quick refresh on the device highlights, the Curve 8330 features integrated GPS with support for VZ Navigator; EV-DO; Bluetooth 2.0; and a 2-megapixel camera. So while we have to (im)patiently wait for our review unit to arrive from Verizon, you can get yours now. Go on, don't worry about us. *Sniff*