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Veho claims world's smallest camcorder with Muvi

A 2-inch tall camcorder also turns into a Web cam.

U.K. company Veho claims its Muvi micro DV camcorder is the world's smallest video camera in its class.

Measuring a mere 2.2 inches in height with a slim profile, it's really not hard to lose the gizmo. What's also interesting is the voice-activated start/stop record. It's marketed as an action sports camcorder, so if you're performing stunts on a bike, it would be neat if you could trigger the device by saying a command, though Veho's Web site didn't give specific details on this.

Muvi sports camcorder Veho

Muvi's specifications are only average: 2-megapixel still image, 640 x 480-pixel AVI format clip capture, and a microSD card slot for storage expansion. As with most micro DV camcorders, the Muvi can function as a Webcam, too.

Though Veho is marketing the $130 Muvi to record while on the go, I'm not sure how rugged this tiny gadget is. Will it be able to survive rough terrains and handling on its own like the Olympus Mju Tough-8000? It's unclear, though the company has an optional Extreme Sports Pack bundle which includes helmet strap and other accessories to let you bring the Muvi along for your adventures.

You can check out Veho's Web site to look for your local distributor for this camcorder.