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Valentine's Day, the Dunder-Mifflin way

Valentine's Day may be fast ticking away, but there's still time to snag your loved one a red rose--or perhaps send an irreverant little greeting filled with inappropriate innuendo and petty insults.

If the latter's more your style, the folks from "The Office"--a priceless NBC comedy about a boorish boss and his exasperated employees at fictional paper plant Dunder-Mifflin--are here to help.

Office e-card
Michael Scott and his poor employees
want you to have a happy Valentine's.

The show's Web site features several e-cards to choose from, including one picturing the hapless and not-so-subtle Michael Scott shoving a red teddy bear at his boss Jan with the caption: "Get it? I can't bear being away from you. It's a palindrome!"

Another pictures toady Dwight Schrute handing his buttoned-up in-office fling a barely visible thumbnail-size present. "I love you this much," reads the caption.

The site also features a gallery of audience-submitted e-cards that show viewers superimposed into Dunder-Mifflin scenes with customized captions such as "I am the new boss and you're fired."