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Utilities Updates: PowerMail;

Utilities Updates: PowerMail;

PowerMail 2.3.1 is now available. It fixes some scrolling bugs. It also reverts back to using Text Encoding Converter1.3.1, rather than 1.4. However, it will not overwrite 1.4 if you have it installed. This works-around problems users were reporting with 1.4.

LaunchIt 1.4, a file launcher that was formerly part of OneClick, is now a separate product.

SimpleEdit 3.4.3, a SimpleText replacement, is out. This beta adds support for MacOS 8.5 window proxies, platinum theme sounds, support for command-clicking URL's, and faster startup time for systems with large numbers of fonts.

Trash It! 3.6 is the latest version of this control strip module. It fixes a problem with Extensions Strip 1.9 and Control Strip 2.0 where drag dialogs weren't being displayed.

FractionalBoldPatch 1.1 is an update to this patch that fixes a boldface text problem in Mac OS 8.5.

Epson Stylus 800 Color driver is out:

Internet Explorer 128 bit encryption version is out.

OneClick upgrade coming soon Westcode sent a letter to its customers that promised the long-awaited Mac OS 8.5 compatible version of OneClick would be out in late January or early February. It will not be a free upgrade.