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Google Nexus 5X coming to UK from £339, Nexus 6P from £449

Google's two new phones are expected in late October. Two new Chromecast streaming devices and the Pixel C, a hybrid tablet laptop, were also announced.

The Nexus 5X and 6P both charge via reversible USB Type-C. Google

Google unveiled two new Nexus smartphones on Tuesday, both of which were made immediately available for preorder in the UK.

The Nexus 5X, built by LG and the Nexus 6P, made by Huawei, have been designed to show off the latest version of Google's Android software, nicknamed Marshmallow.

The cheaper and smaller Nexus 5X is available for £339 for the 16GB model and £379 for the 32GB. The Nexus 6P starts at £449 for the 32GB model. Double the storage capacity to 64GB and you'll have to shell out £499, and the 128GB model will set you back £579. Those who preorder the phones today can expect to take delivery of hem in late October.

EE has said it will offer the Nexus 5X for £20 upfront on a £35 per month two-year deal with 1GB of 4G LTE data. The UK network is charging £30 upfront for the Nexus 6P, plus £37 per month for 1GB of data or £40 for 2GB.

Google's Nexus line of products is an important showcase for its Android software, which powers more than 80 percent of the world's smartphones and tablets. The devices act as a premium example of what Android can do, running the latest software without any extra bells and whistles manufacturers and wireless companies cram onto other devices.

The Internet giant typically builds a Nexus device in partnership with a major smartphone or tablet maker, such as Motorola, LG, Samsung and HTC. This year, however, Google chose to unveil two phones: the 5.2-inch Nexus 5X made by LG and the 5.7-inch Nexus 6P from Huawei. The different screen sizes allow Google to cater to more consumers, whether they want a bigger or smaller display, and they also follow Apple's strategy with its iPhones, which are offered in two sizes as well.

Last year, Google introduced its first big-screen phone, a 5.96-inch Nexus 6 -- larger than a typical phone but smaller than a tablet. Analysts said some consumers skipped out on buying the phone because they didn't want a big screen.

The company also announced a new Chromecast TV streaming device with improved Wi-Fi, and a separate new music-streaming Chromecast device. Both cost £30 and are available from high-street stores such as Currys PC World from today.

A new laptop meanwhile, the Pixel C, has a detachable keyboard in the manner of Microsoft's Surface or Apple's iPad Pro. It doesn't currently have any UK prices, but it starts at $499 for the 32GB version, which converts to around £330. The keyboard is sold separately, for $149 -- about £100.