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UK domain registrar 123-Reg crashes and burns, taking its customers with it

123-Reg is down for the count, and that takes its customers with it.

If you've tried to reach Alfresco's web site in the past day (Oh, come on! You know you have!), you will have been disappointed. There's nothing there (See right).

Alfresco, among many others, uses 123-Reg as its domain registrar, and 123-Reg is down. Completely. Calls to 123-Reg's technical support have gone unanswered.

123-Reg is owned by Pipex, one of the UK's leading ISPs (and has been for a very long time). It may be a denial of service attack. Or it may come from complete and utter ineptitude on 123-Reg's part.

Either way, for companies whose business depends on the Internet, it's inexcusable.

123-Reg promises 100% uptime, but the company doesn't have a great track record. In 2002 its DNS servers got mangled, leaving its customers without email.

Then again, maybe signing up for the "cheapest and easiest way to get a domain name" is a recipe for this kind of disaster. Bozos.