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Uber licence refused renewal in York

The ride-hailing firm says that it's "disappointed" by the decision.

Uber iPhone application.


Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

York City Council says it won't be renewing Uber's operating licence, which comes to an end on 23 December, citing concerns regarding Uber's 2016 data breach.

Chair of the York Hackney Carriage Drivers Association complained that Uber drivers had "no respect for the roads," according to local media, and that they were "abusing local laws."

"This is a disappointing vote for the riders and drivers who use our app in the city," said Neil McGonigle, general manager for Uber in York. "We will review the details of the decision once we receive the formal notice from the council."

The ban follows a recent licence suspension in Sheffield, which has since been lifted. Uber's licence was also suspended in London, which the company is in the process of appealing.