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Twitter's new app for iPhone goes live

The app update -- which boasts a slew of changes, including push notification and better password support -- is available at the iTunes store now.


Twitter's new app for iPhone 4.3 is available today, and users will be treated to a bunch of new features. News of the update leaked yesterday, no doubt appeasing unhappy Twitter users who aren't fans of the current app. The features were as promised.

The new features include push notification for tweets, avatars that take you directly to someone's profile, improvements to autocomplete, and support for password entry when there are authentication issues. There will also be expanded tweets, which allow users to display photos and play video directly in the feed, but the feature is rolling out gradually, according to the description in iTunes.

Twitter has received plenty of guff for its apps in the past, particularly with better options springing up. We'll see if they got the bugs out on this one.

Update, 4:49 p.m. PT: The Android version is also live over at Google Play.