Twitter to launch new discovery system

Twitter is adding links to rising topics of interest to your sidebar, so you needn't be following the guy in a plane crash to find out about the crash itself


Twitter's ability to track breaking news and current events is key to its success. But Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has outlined how this miracle formula is being mixed into the main Twitter interface, by linking to rising topics in the sidebar of your Twitter homepage.

The significance of this seemingly minor update is greater than you might first think. At the moment, Twitter's ability to break news relies solely on you following the right people, or following a huge number of people and filtering it yourself. By providing links to the discussions going on between massive groups of people you aren't following, Twitter is making its timeliness even more useful, and more accessible.

But there's more. A revamped search box will sit in the sidebar and display results within the main Twitter window in the same way tweets are displayed. You can also save favourite search terms for easily repeating the search in future.

The update will hit all users "as soon as possible", says Stone, and is currently only available to an elite group of users randomly plucked out of the proverbial hat by Twitter's system.

The new system tested

According to one UK Twitter user, who kindly passed along a screenshot to CNET UK, currently trending topics include 'April Fools', 'Amazon Elastic', 'BBC', 'iPhone' and, unsurprisingly, 'G20'. Check out the image above for a look at what the new search system looks like.

Have you been granted the gift of Twitter's latest feature additions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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