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TV that follows you

Motorola's new DVR set-top box allows you to watch recorded shows in multiple rooms and allows access from cell phones.

Are you tired of fighting with your family or room mates over which show to watch from your DVR's "saved" list?

Motorola multi-room DVR on-screen display

Well, those fights will soon be a thing of the past. Motorola showed off its multi-room DVR set-top box, called the Home Media DVR, in New York City on Thursday to a small crowd of journalists. This new DVR acts like a media hub in the home. The new DVR stores all the recorded movies and TV shows, but viewers can access them from other rooms in the house.

This means mom can watch "Project Runway" in the living room, and junior can watch the latest recorded episode of "Pimp My Ride" in the bedroom. Users can also record or delete programs from these other rooms.

. Motorola hasn't yet announced other cable operators or satellite TV providers using the box.

Motorola also said the new DVR could be accessed by cell phones like the Motorola RAZR or the Q. So if you're on the road and you realize that you forgot to set the DVR to record your favorite show, you can access the DRV guide from your phone and press "record".

"We've added a new dimension to the DVR experience," said John Burke, corporate vice president and general manager of digital video solutions at Motorola. "Now, you not only have control over when you watch a show, but where you watch it, and on which device you watch it."