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'TubeStick' brings TV in a USB key

Hybrid version for HD broadcasts and digital or analog cable goes for sale.


Some people love their Macs so much that they want to do everything with them. Actually, let's qualify that--we're talking about watching TV. And if you're a Cupertino loyalist who isn't quite sold on an Apple TV, there's a convenient way to get basic reception on the computer.

Equinux has released its "TubeStick," a hybrid tuner that comes in the form of a USB key that includes two receivers for HD broadcasts and digital or analog cable signals. It was announced earlier this year but is now for sale at $129.

Also included is an antenna and software for the iPhone and iPod as well as the computer for portable viewing, with some basic TiVo-like functions (scheduling, rewind, etc.). The TubeStick can be used with Windows machines too, but it's clearly being marketed for the Apple Nation with a paint job in basic white.