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Tri-lens stereo camera goes on the market

We all know it looks like something out of Star Trek, but the 120 Tri-lens Stereo Camera is really using an old technology.


It's amazing what the factories in China can churn out, whether it be digicam knockoffs or iPhone clones. We reported on an earlier version some time back, but now Chinese maker 3DWorld has released specs and pricing for this new medium format camera coupled with three lenses on the front.

Although it may look like something out of Star Trek, the 120 Tri-lens Stereo Camera is really using an old technology. It is not a digital camera (although on its Web site it mentions "high resolution") and accepts only 120mm format film. The two lenses at the bottom capture two images on one frame, each slightly skewed, while the top lens is reserved for viewing. One interesting feature about the lenses is that they are interlinked, meaning you can turn any one of the lenses to focus and the other two will follow suit.

Specifications for this camera look good, with three 80mm lenses at F2.8 and a wide range of shutter speed from Bulb mode to 1/500 second. A prism is mounted on top to let you focus on the scene and the shooter has a built-in exposure metering system.

While 3DWorld claims that this behemoth of a camera will be a "blockbuster in the worldwide stereoscopic photography", we are not so sure who will want to lug this almost 4.4-pound beast around. But if you're are interested, this piece of old technology can be yours for $1,795 at

(Source: Crave Asia)