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Toshiba TVs with DivX Plus add DVD features to online movies

Toshiba smart TVs with DivX Plus add DVD features to movie streaming -- oh, and they boldly claim no buffering.

The next generation of Toshiba smart TVs is adding a host of new features to movie streaming. Thanks to support for DivX Plus Streaming, you'll be able to stream films from selected movie services with DVD-style features like subtitles and chapters -- oh, and they boldly claim no buffering at all.

The new line of Toshiba DTVs with DivX Plus Streaming support Rovi's DivX Plus video format. Toshiba and Rovi claim films streamed in the DivX Plus Streaming format start instantly and play continuously with no annoying spinning wheel or stuttering and buffering, no matter the quality of your broadband connection.

When you watch a movie service that uses DivX to stream movies, Dynamic Resolution Scaling adjusts playback even if your broadband bottles it or your Web wobbles. And you get an assortment of clever features such as multi-language subtitles and audio tracks, smooth fast-forward and rewind, and DVD-style chapters for quick scene access.

You can also stop and start watching a film at the right point on different devices.

So where you can watch movies using this miracle of modern technology? Toshiba and Rovi highlight Knowhow Movies, the on-demand cinematic-streaming section of the Dixons Knowhow technical support service.

Knowhow Movies by Dixons currently works on certain LG and Samsung smart TVs & Blu-ray devices, as well as online on PCs and Macs and phones and tablets. Games consoles are also in the pipeline.

Other streaming services use different types of video, so won't be able to take advantage of DivX Plus features. Netflix uses Silverlight, for example, but plans to switch to the more open HTML5.

Toshiba DTVs with DivX Plus Streaming will arrive during summer. Do you watch your movies online, or is streaming still too far behind DVD and Blu-ray? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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