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Tim Berners-Lee audio at WWW2008

Here is a podcast of W3C President Tim Berners-Lee's press conference at the WWW2008 conference in Beijing.

Tech Industry

I recorded W3C President Tim Berners-Lee's press conference at this week's WWW2008 conference in Beijing.

I will write about the contents later. Click here for the audio and then click on the olive-colored play button.

Please forgive the mediocre sound quality; I record for my notes, and not primarily for broadcast. I came in a few seconds late as Berners-Lee was being introduced in alternating Chinese and English. The remainder of the press conference, including questions and answers, is in English.

Other posts from WWW2008 are here, and I'm Twittering here.

Update: I was having a glitch while linking to the podcast URL. It should work now. Or copy and paste into your browser.

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