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Those iPhone Suckers

Original iPhones hold their value.

On Friday, John Gruber noticed the Macalope's point that iPhone unlocking is in danger of extinction.

Today Jason Kottke checks out eBay (if you don't remember what eBay is, ask your parents about it!) and notices iPhones are going for a premium. The ability to unlock can net you $200 over the price of an iPhone 3G.

OK, not everyone's going to get that much. But, just for fun, let's say you bought an 8 GB iPhone the day they were released for $599. Months later you got an Apple Store gift certificate for $100 when the price was cut, meaning you're effectively out only $499 (yes, assuming you were going to buy something from the Apple Store anyway). Now, you turn around and sell it on eBay for $400.

Your total cost for that 8 GB iPhone?

$99 plus tax.

The Macalope doesn't know about you, but he's trying really hard to feel like a sucker and it's just not working.

Maybe he's doing it wrong.