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This is why I live in Utah

Mountain biking in Utah. Why don't you live here?

Bryce Roberts and I get out on the trail several times a week during the mountain biking season (and up on the slopes during the winter - by the way, Snowbird is still open with tons of snow). Utah has some excellent trails just minutes from our houses (we live a block from each other).

We went out Saturday night to help me recuperate from a difficult (but successful) end of Alfresco's quarter. Riding at dusk, the air at 70 degrees Farenheit...perfection.

I'm going to be organizing a mountain biking tour of Utah. If you like to bike, let me know. Maybe we'll let Sam Ramji school us on the Porcupine in Moab....

So, let me ask the perennial question again: You don't live in Utah...why?