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Thinking of quitting? Make a YouTube video as moving as this

Marina Shifrin was tired of the hours she worked for viral video animation company Next Media Animation. So she made a dancing video to tell her bosses just that.

Dancing out of a job. Nvsdzb/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Your boss is an annoying little worm, isn't he?

He doesn't respect you. He doesn't promote you. He makes you work late, while he's out at a fancy restaurant, "networking."

So you want to quit. And you want to do it good. What should you do?

In the case of Marina Shifrin -- whose bosses don't sound like the most accommodating in the world, if you take her word for it -- she decided to make a dancing video and post it to YouTube.

Conveniently, the company that she worked for is familiar with the idea of viral video. It's called Next Media Animation. It's a news video company, based in Taiwan.

In the video, which has already enjoyed more than 600,000 views, Shifrin is at work at 4:30 a.m. She says: "For almost two years, I've sacrificed my relationships, time, and energy for this job."

Well, when I say she "says" this, the words are on the screen. Shifrin is dancing to the tune of Kanye's "Gone."

"And my boss only cares about quantity and how many views each video gets," the caption continues, as Shifrin busts her moves between the cubes.

Fetching moves they are, too. It's remarkable how much vigor she can muster at such an absurd time of day.

Shifrin told the Huffington Post that her boss didn't allow her a lunch break and she was managed in ways that didn't exactly make her feel like dancing.

Or, rather, they did. Dancing out of the job.

She didn't name the company or her boss in the video, but admits it was something of a risk. She now intends to return to the US, where Silicon Valley no doubt awaits her dancing skills.

Now it is over to all the other unhappy employees in the world to see if they can beat her performance.

I can see YouTube sponsoring a competition to find the very best quitting video.

Extra points will be given for naming the boss, shaming the company, and revealing a few secrets.

Yes, if only Edward Snowden had made one of these. He would surely have moved better than Julian Assange.

Update at 10 a.m. PT October 1: Shifrin's video has crossed 5 million hits.