The top 3 selling phones in the UK last month were Samsungs

The S3 was the best-selling phone in the UK for the ninth month in a row, followed by two other Samsungs.


Samsung continues its reign here in the UK, with the company's phones claiming the top three spots for sales last month.

The Galaxy S3 was the best-selling handset in January, for an astonishing ninth month in a row, according to figures from uSwitch, Mobile News Online reports. It's been top of the podium every month since it launched at the end of May.

In second place was the cheapo Galaxy Ace, and third was the predecessor to the S3, the S2. Which is pretty amazing, considering they're both ancient for mobiles.

Nokia also continued to do well, with four phones in the top 10. One slight snag -- none of them run Windows Phone 8, hinting that while that mobile OS might have a hardcore following, it's not yet penetrated the mainstream. The Symbian-running Nokia 100 and C2-01 were positioned four and five, while the Lumia 800 and 610 were eight and nine, respectively.

Apple's iPhone 5 was in seventh place, and the iPhone 4S was in tenth. The Nexus 4 was sixth, which is a surprise, seeing as it's only just come back in stock on Google Play. Buy it anywhere else, and you'll be paying much more.

It's been quite a year for Samsung, with its Galaxy S3 selling more than 40 million units worldwide. That helped the company's profits jump a whopping 76 per cent on the same time last year. It also overtook Nokia last year to become the world's biggest phone seller, which is no mean feat.

Don't expect Samsung to unveil the S4 at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks though. It'll almost certainly hold its own event away from the rest of the industry, to show what a big deal it is. And with these numbers, it's hard to argue.

Is there any stopping Samsung? Or are other handsets a better buy? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.

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