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The Steam "summer" sale has begun

Valve's digital distribution platform starts serving up the deals.

Get your credit and debit cards out, the Steam "summer" sale has begun.

Wallet wallet wallet wallet wallet paaaaaain. (Screenshot by Craig Simms)

Of course, it's winter here, but that doesn't stop us engaging in crazily priced games.

Valve has mixed things up a little this year, allowing the community to vote on a deal they'd like to see next, and by also offering "flash" sales, where games are only discounted for hours instead of a day.

Our usual advice applies: only buy daily deals until the final day (unless a flash sale comes up you can't ignore), and make sure to check out Green Man Gaming and Amazon, as they often sell Steam games for cheaper than Steam — even during a sale.

Take today's 50 per cent off Modern Warfare 3: due to regional overpricing, Steam is selling it to Australians for US$49.99 instead of the US price of US$29.99.

Head over to Amazon though, and you can get a Steam activatable download for US$29.99 so long as you enter a US postal address at checkout.

Happy gaming!