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The return of free-after-rebates Norton AntiVirus 2008

If you don't mind a little paperwork, you can scoop up the three-user edition of Norton AntiVirus 2008 for free after a pair of mail-in rebates.


Who says there are no second chances? (Maybe Patriots fans, I dunno.) If you missed out when Fry's offered Norton AntiVirus 2008 free after a pair of mail-in rebates, the deal has returned at

Once again, it's the three-user edition, meaning you can install it on up to three PCs. The software protects against viruses, spyware, rootkits, and the like. CNET liked it, though readers definitely did not. As I said last time, if you're unhappy with the software yourself, you're only out a couple stamps.

Speaking of the rebates, this deal requires a pair: one for $34 on the software itself, the other a $20 competitive rebate. That means you need to provide proof of purchase/ownership for just about any other software utility (get the full deets here). The first rebate offer expires February 9, so you've got the week to pull the trigger. Shipping costs--nada.