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The OQO vs. the Windows Treo

The OQO vs. the Windows Treo

The OQO model 01, which CNET reviewed last year, received an overdue refresh this morning, bringing its specs more in line with today's top ultraportables. Still weighing in at 14 ounces, the model 01+ features a slightly larger 30GB hard drive (up from 20GB), 512MB of RAM (up from 256MB), an external speaker, and USB 2.0 (instead of the previous version's USB 1.0 feed).

This begs the question: Would you rather have a full-fledged Windows PC that fits in your hand or a Treo running Windows Mobile 5? Personally, I like the idea of a true Windows palmtop PC, but the OQO's starting price tag--still stuck at $1,899--is just too high, especially with a Windows-based Palm Treo on the way. What do you all think?