The CNET UK blooper reel, in honour of our Facebook chums

CNET UK's Facebook fan page has hit 30,000 likes, so we've debased ourselves with a humiliating outtake video.

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You might never know it to view our so-slick-it-hurts video reviews, features and gadget hands-on footage, but occasionally, occasionally, the CNET UK presenting pros do make very minor mistakes on camera. They're only ever tiny slips and they're almost never our fault, but it does happen.

Now, in a shocking display of insubordination, resident video wizard Marc has chopped together an array of to-camera muck-ups, compiled from footage that he swore he had deleted, shot at trade shows or within our own studios and highlighting the less professional sides of presenting champs like Andrew Hoyle, Rich Trenholm and Jason Jenkins. And I'm told that I'm featured once or twice as well.

It's all in honour of our Facebook page, y'see, which today hit a milestone 30,000 likes. We really appreciate so many of you taking the time to give our Facebook page the Zuckerberg thumbs up, so much so that -- rather than demanding Marc's immediate resignation -- we decided to publish our outtake reel as a small Internet-based token of our gratitude.

So hit play on the video above for a glimpse of a few mis-steps, as well as an inside look at the... professional challenges of shooting video at crowded trade shows.

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We've come a long way in a short time, so here's a thank you from us. It feels like just yesterday we were rocking out in honour of our first 5,000 fans and creeping you out when we hit 20,000 likes. In fact, let's embed those videos right now.