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The 404 811: Where we pick a new Mayor of Cave Street (podcast)

We're rounding up our favorite bin Laden/Obama memes on the Web and also blasting TomTom for supplying data to the cops! In other news: a public toilet is dirtier than your steering wheel, MTI reviews Gunnar glasses, and an awesome 3D 404 graphic from Nick B in Buffalo, NY!

Nick B.

The Internet already has jokes about the news of Osama's death and last night's subsequent broadcast, and someone already created a Google Maps location for Osama's compound on "Cave Street" with four pages of hilarious reviews. We also have a story a programmer living in Abbottabad, Pakistan that accidentally livetweeted the death of bin Laden, as well as more random topics like Tom Tom's privacy flub, the bacteria content of your steering wheel, and a Finger-nose stylus for your touch screen devices!

The 404 Digest for Episode 811

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