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The 404 767: Where lady, you're scaring us (podcast)

Robots giving speeding tickets, a THQ-sponsored rally in SF to protest North Korea, an "exquisite cadaver" way to pen stories, and Apple product placement galore on today's episode of The 404 Podcast, PLUS we reveal how you can win a free Kodak printer!

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Today's show title comes from the Sloppy Joe scene in "Billy Madison" and continues our weeklong tribute to Adam Sandler's comedic repertoire. We know how you kids like 'em shloppy!

Happy 17th birthday, JB! #bigdealwannafightaboutit Reddit user: jesuswithoutabeard

Jeff uses the first bit of the episode to bemoan the Washington, D.C., legal system for its use of traffic-ticketing speed detectors in deserted 40 mph stretches of road.

Take a look at the video and let us know if you think Jeff's ticket is warranted, taking into consideration his admission of guilt on a live, recorded podcast that is definitely admissible in a court of law. Cool story bro!

Now onto the first of today's stories: game company THQ is organizing an anti-North Korean rally in San Francisco to protest the country's dictatorship and abhorrent human rights violations.

The walk from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Yerba Buena Gardens will feature speeches by economic experts, musicians, and the launching of 10,000 balloons.

But the other side of the story is that THQ is also throwing the rally to promote its upcoming shooter game called Homefront that puts the player in control of an American soldier challenging North Korean forces in a dystopian occupied United States. Keeping with last week's discussion of the violent realism in Call of Juarez, could this be another case of too real, too soon?

Mad Libs + Choose Your Own Adventure + Exquisite Corpse Improve = Neovella, a new start-up Web app that enables crowd-sourced storytelling.

You employ as many authors as you want and each person takes turns writing as much as they want before it gets passed on, until the group labels it finished. You can even make money on the sale of your novel through the Amazon Singles profit sharing program! Check it out, and let us know when you're finished.

After this amazing video voicemail from Jachym in snowy Sweden, we chat briefly about Apple's dominance of product placement in 30-percent of the 33 movies that hit number one at the box office in 2010.

Strangely enough, Apple claims that they hardly pay for this type of marketing, since most TV and film studios are willing to barter for equipment from the company that would usually cost them thousands of dollars for the hardware and software necessary to create a moving picture.

Another interesting fact to note is that the large amounts of Apple product placement is likely giving Americans an inaccurate perception about how many households actually use Apple devices- in fact, as of a year ago only 12% of US households contain Macs, according to NPD.

We'll end today's show by announcing a contest from our sponsor Kodak, who want to know what you would do with the extra money you'd save if you didn't have to buy ink?

I know Jeff would use it to pay for that well-deserved speeding ticket, I'd probably use it for cat food and possibly a larger studio apartment, and Wilson would invest in more Apple product placement in his life, but we want to know what YOU would do!

Send us a tweet before midnight this Thursday with your response that also shouts out @the404 AND #kodak404 tell us "what you would do." The winning response will get a Kodak 7250 All-In-One Printer, so be creative!

Episode 767


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