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The 404 1,083: Where we'll have what she's having (podcast)

The guys imagine a "Big Lebowski" sequel starring Jesse Eisenberg and Ron Paul. And speaking of great films, allow us to honor Nora Ephron, one of the best screenwriters in the history of cinema. Those stories plus contest winners and listener voice mails on today's 404 episode!


Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Imagining "The Big Lebowski 2: The Dude Goes to Washington"

- Honoring Nora Ephron: When moviemaking met a natural

- A better take on self-driving cars: Ford Traffic Jam Assist.

- Rock paper scissors robot has 100 percent confidence.

Bathroom break video: Thomas Middleditch's Disgusting Dub Step Drop.

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Episode 1,083

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