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The 404 1,026: Where we were monitoring that scan (podcast)

Leaked from today's episode of The 404: Google tests augmented-reality glasses, Jeff actually doesn't hate them, and the sticky subject of racism in Instagram!


Are you disappointed or psyched that so many new technologies draw inspiration directly from films and TV? First it was Samsung citing "2001: A Space Odyssey" as an influence for their Samsung Galaxy tablet and all the reports of "Minority Report" tech coming soon. And now Google looks like it watched too many Star Trek episodes while designing its augmented-reality glasses.

The glasses are an experiment from Google called Project Glass that displays incoming text messages, media playback, driving directions, and more through a small screen in front of the wearer's right eyeball. Along with a prototype video showing a day in the life of a user, the glasses are meant to get technology out of the way and let the user experience life with less distraction, but the video doesn't show the ads that Google will inevitably serve to subsidize the subscription and hardware costs.

In fact, a true-to-life Google Glass experience, replete with ads, will probably look more like this.

This story and a plague on both Instagram houses in today's episode of The 404.

Bathroom break video: This is how metalheads paint a room.

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Episode 1,026


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