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The 404 1,025: Where hey, you gonna finish that dime? (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode: Arizona may soon ban trolling, filesharing isn't technically "theft," and how iPads are stealing the tears of our youth.


Be extra careful on the Internet if you live in Arizona, the local legislators may soon make it a Class 3 felony to be a "troll."

House Bill 2549 has already made its way through both houses and is waiting for the signature of Governor Jan Brewer. If passed, a minimum sentence of 2.5 years will be handed down to non-dangerous offenders that use any electronic device in a lews or lascivious act." Head over to Governor Brewer's Facebook page and send a message of protest!

After we chat about the mischievous adventure of our youth, Jeff and I will dive into a chat about file sharing and why law professor Stuart Green doesn't consider illegal downloading to be a legitimate form of "theft," at least colloquially. Check out this video for a summary of Green's position.

Finally, we'll look at a dubious story about how iPads and other electronic devices are stealing the tears of our youth. Literally, kids are suffering drier eyes than ever before in history thanks to hours of staring at screens.

"Normal" people blink about 12-15 times a minute, but intense focus on, say, an iPad can slice that down to about seven or eight, which means that we may soon Apple-branded solutions...called...iDrops? Too easy.

Bathroom break video: Fifa goalie gets violated.

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