Tesco broadband free when you buy a gadget and landline

Buy any Internet-connected gadget from Tesco, including the supermarket's £119 Hudl tablet, and you get a year's broadband for nothing.


Free broadband! Getcher free broadband! Tesco is piling the Internet high and flogging it cheap -- and you don't get cheaper than free. Buy any Internet-connected gadget, including the supermarket's own-brand Hudl tablet, and you get a year's broadband for nothing.

The only catch is you have to get your landline from Tesco too, at £14.90 per month. You can choose unlimited evening and weekend calls for free, or unlimited anytime calls for £4.50 per month extra, and there's a £5 delivery charge for the router.

Speeds are "usually up to 14Mbps", the company promises, and you get free Clubcard points every month.

Eligible devices include laptops, smart phones, games consoles and smart TVs, and you can have bought them at any time in the last three months. The offer is valid until September next year.

Free broadband isn't what it used to be, with John Lewis offering much the same buy-a-gadget deal earlier in the year. Sky, too, offered free Internet with Sky Sports, when you bought your landline from it at £14.50 per month.

TalkTalk will do you three months of free TV and Internet with a YouView box, but its landline fee is £15 and it goes up to £30.45 in total after the three months. It also has a £2.50 per month basic offer.

The Hudl is Tesco's £119 Android tablet, designed to be as kid-friendly (and kid-proof) as possible while still offering plenty of power and a decent screen. I was really impressed in my hands-on, as there's very little of the bloatware you normally find on Android tablets and it's a cracking spec for the price. Its main downside -- for grownups, at least -- is how thick and heavy it is compared to rival slates such as the Nexus 7 and iPad mini.

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