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Tech germaphobia: It's a thing

New product claims to clean touch-screens, which are apparently laden with the nastiest germs imaginable.

As technology evolves, so, too, does our tech germaphobia. Hot on the heels of this U.K. study that suggests computer keyboards are the toilet-seat of your office space, Monster (yes, Monster Cable) is touting some new ScreenClean products aimed at your revoltingly filthy mobile devices.

The ScreenClean line isn't anything new; it's been around for televisions for ages. But the repackaging of the mobile solution as a way to fight "disease-causing agents" is an amusing turn toward the paranoia-inducing. From the press release:

"With touch screens growing in popularity, so are the disease-causing agents that are prone to exist on portable electronic devices, where the heat-rich environment and constant human handling can create optimum conditions for contamination."

Monster is now pitching ScreenClean for laptops, cameras, cell phones/PDAs, GPS devices, and iPods/iPhones, as a way to inhibit "the growth of microorganisms," and control "a variety of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, yeast, and other organisms?"

Dudes. Ew. You're really bumming me out about my touch-screens. And apparently, this trend has been building for a while. iSkin does antibacterial cases, and it turns out keyboards aren't the only things dirtier than a toilet seat.

Apparently, when it comes to technology, "yucky" is the new black. And Monster is even going so far as to package the new new black with the old new black: green.

"Also, to keep things 'green,' the new Monster ScreenClean portable products will come packaged in fully recyclable packaging."

Well. Thank goodness. I'd hate to be polluting with my nasty germy self.