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Tardis PC will be your computer companion

Spice up your intergalactic computing adventures through time and space with a Tardis PC that's note-perfect, right down to the precise shade of blue.

Tardis PC
It's about time. Scan Computers

You have a sonic screwdriver toothbrush. You have a Dalek Christmas tree. You even have a Tardis felt purse. Don't worry, you still have plenty of opportunities to express your "Doctor Who" fandom in strange and unusual ways, like with a Tardis-shaped computer system.

Scan Computers in the U.K. got the BBC's blessing to put out a PC that looks just like the Tardis. It has been matched to the exact color of blue of the original Tardis. The door doesn't open, but the DVD drive access is through the police box sign on the front.

The Tardis PC doesn't come cheap. The system starts at around $1,500. That gets you the Tardis chassis, a 3.1GHz Intel Pentium dual-core processor, a 500GB hard drive, a Blu-Ray writer, and Windows 7 Premium. Unfortunately, Scan Computers hasn't figured out how to give the Tardis PC infinite storage capacity.

The Tardis PC is especially interesting since the Doctor seems to be a Mac guy. I suppose if you have a real Tardis, you have plenty of room to store as much Windows, Mac, and Android gear as you want.

(Via The Doctor Who Site)