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Take the Windows 7 personality quiz

Microsoft's Hong Kong subsidiary is running the test as part of its marketing push for the new operating system.

Microsoft's Hong Kong subsidiary posted this "personality quiz" as part of the Windows 7 marketing push. CNET

I'm not sure how large the crossover is between those who like the quizzes in Cosmo magazine and those seeking to learn more about Windows. That said, for those who fit in that category, there's now a Windows 7 Personality Quiz.

Posted online by Microsoft's Hong Kong subsidiary, the quiz asks questions such as how long you spend in front of your PC and whether you watch videos online.

Since I own more than three PCs and spend more than five hours a day in front of my PC, I figured I'd score high, but then I realized it's not that kind of quiz. In the end, the quiz rated me as "highly defined," as one who is "open-minded and innovative."

I also have a "hug standard of aesthetics," which I think is both a typo and incorrect, as most of my friends and co-workers will tell you. Anyway, you can try it yourself by clicking here.