Syria goes dark

Syria vanishes from the Net, the Jawbone Up gets a review, and iTunes 11 has arrived.

Early this morning, Syria went offline.

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Some more scary news is coming out of Syria early this morning. Apparently the entire country has gone dark, completely vanishing from the Internet over the course of just a few minutes. According to Renesys, a company that operates a real-time Internet-monitoring grid, all of Syria's IP connectivity has become unreachable.

Today Google has announced the acquisition of Incentive Targeting, a maker of coupon programs that tailor to users' behaviors and likes. The company has worked with retailers to design trackable coupons that help gauge their performance and usefulness.

CNET has a review of the Jawbone Up going live today. The Jawbone Up is a health-monitoring electronic bracelet from the earpiece and speaker manufacturer Jawbone. The e-jewelery hooks up to a mobile app and can track your heart rate and sleeping patterns, among other things.

After a bit of a delay, Apple is finally pushing out iTunes 11, which features a redesign for the music player/store. Apple is touting iTunes 11 as an easier program to use with its new "Up Next" song feature, revamped mini player, and simpler search functionality. We'll have a full review of iTunes 11 soon.

And finally, be sure to take part in the CNET 100 contest where nominating your favorite tech of 2012 can win you $5,000. For the full rules, head on over to

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