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Supersearch engine has big horsepower

SRA International is targeting corporate intranets with a new supersearch tool.

SRA International is targeting corporate intranet administrators with an Internet supersearch tool that combines the results of several search engines.

SRA's Intermezzo searches with multiple engines, including products from Verity and Fulcrum simultaneously. Intermezzo then merges the results of searches into a single, prioritized graphical view displayed through a Web browser. The product will ship in June for Unix servers and will cost $20,000 depending on configuration.

The company also announced today a NetOwl search engine that helps users search for key phrases, including personal names, corporate names, and dates on Internet or intranet documents and displays search results according to score. NetOwl will ship in June for Unix at $4,995 per server. The company is also planning to deliver a Windows NT version.