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Super Meow-rio: Real-life cat takes on Mario challenge

Some clever editing and special effects turn an average house cat into a Super Mario champion.

Mario cat
Oscar takes on the role of Mario. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

There have been many efforts to bring Super Mario into the real world. There's a rideable Super Mario kart for kids; Penelope Cruz donned a Mario costume for an ad; and there's a video showing what Mario Kart would look like in real life. Stand aside, all you other Mario videos. There's a new Mario in town, and it has whiskers and a tail.

If ever a cat deserved a set of Super Mario-themed cat furniture, it's the kitty starring in YouTube user Mr. TVCow's Mario-in-real-life video. The fluffy black-and-white cat goes on a video-game adventure, collecting coins and tackling Goombas, racking up a pretty impressive kill count along the way.

The cat star is named Oscar. It took some treats and bribery to get him to make the right moves to bump question-mark boxes, attack Bowser's shell, and sniff some Fire Flowers, which seem to have a catnip-type effect.

A star power-up achievement finishes out the video. So if you've ever wanted to see a cat flashing after a Super Mario power-up, here's your chance. Perhaps this will inspire more cats to take on video games. I, for one, would love to see Grumpy Cat wipe out the ghosts in Pac-Man or rampage her way through the Resident Evil series. Those zombies wouldn't stand a chance.