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Sun shines on Interwoven software

The two companies will share joint sales and marketing for Interwoven's content management product.

Sun Microsystems inked a deal Tuesday to resell content management software made by Interwoven, the companies said Wednesday. The partnership covers Interwoven's whole Java-based product portfolio, including the latest version of its Content Provisioning system. Interwoven's products are designed for monitoring and managing changes made to enterprise applications throughout the development and deployment process. The content management software will be marketed to governments, enterprises, and service providers and tuned to dovetail with Sun's Java Enterprise System software, the company's Sun Fire servers and StorEdge storage products, the companies said. The partnership is also being touted as a way for companies to link their identity management, intranet and extranet portals; servers; storage; and content management with business process objectives.

The two companies also have a commonality in their design, as both use service-oriented architectures (SOAs), a system design for reusing individual programs. Interwoven, which faces increasing competition from the likes of Oracle, may have found a friend in Sun since Sun and Oracle have a strong working relationship.