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Sun closing one Silicon Valley campus

Sun Microsystems will close most of its campus in Sunnyvale, Calif., the server and software company said Wednesday.

Most of the 1,400 employees at the site will be transferred Sun's campus in Santa Clara, Calif., where Sun has its headquarters, or to campuses in Newark and Menlo Park, spokeswoman Stephanie Von Allmen said. However, Sun Labs employees in Sunnyvale will stay at their facility, she added.

"The main reason this campus was selected is because Sun leases the Sunnyvale buildings, whereas we own the buildings on the other three campuses," Von Allmen said in a statement.

Sun Chief Financial Officer Steve McGowan mentioned the move during Sun's annual analyst conference in San Francisco. He said Sun has reduced its real estate from 16 million square feet in fiscal 2002 to 10 million in fiscal 2005. The acquisition of StorageTek bumped it back up to 13.6 million, but through closures of 160 redundant field offices by the end of June, that figure will shrink to 12.8 million.