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Steve Jobs' biography tops UK bestsellers list

Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs has become a bestseller since its release on 24 October. Have you got your copy?

Proof, if you needed it, that Steve Jobs can still pull in the punters: his biography has soared to the top of UK bestseller lists, according to the Guardian.

Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs shifted more than 37,000 copies in its first five days on sale, according to Nielsen Bookscan, the bookworms' industry sales measurer of choice.

Published on 24 October, 19 days after Jobs' death, the book sold more copies than any fiction or nonfiction paperback or hardback in the same period. And that's not including the Kindle version, which sits 15th in Amazon's Kindle downloads chart.

And despite only being on sale a little over a week, it's already the 27th bestselling biography of the year.

Jon Howells from Waterstone's said the book was going to be a popular Christmas present. "This sounds like a phenomenal first week sale for a biography," he said. "Usually when you see huge sales for a book about a life story it's an autobiography, which the subject is usually promoting. When it's a biography you don't usually see such massive sales.

"It just shows how incredibly interesting Steve Jobs is and how the fandom of Apple is translating from iPods and iPhones and into a book about the cult of Steve Jobs. There is no doubt it will be easily the biggest biography sale of the week and one of the big books for Christmas."

Revelations include that he thought the iPhone 4's antenna problems were a Google smear, and that the iPhone 5 was the last project he worked on. He also had a few barbed comments for Bill Gates, but Gates isn't bitter.

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