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Steve Jobs: A comic book superhero (video)

Tech greats like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are joining the ranks of comic book superheros in the latest bio-comic craze.

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A Canadian comic book publisher is taking a biographical twist with its latest releases. Instead of caped crusaders and Web-slinging avengers, the focus is on tech pioneers like Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Steve Jobs.

Bluewater Production comics has already seen success with comic books about pop culture icons like Lady Gaga and Betty White. Writers and illustrators say the stories of these technology mavericks play out in many ways like a typical comic story, the heroes are just real people overcoming the odds with super human qualities we all admire.

But there is a real difference between penciling a superhero and sketching a tech titan.

Zach Bassett, an artist for Bluewater comics, says he aims to make the characters more realistic.

"You almost make it seem like a documentary as opposed to a superhero book where you're trying to hold the angles out really extreme and make it seem super fantastic," he says.