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Sprint files brief opposing Galaxy Nexus ban

The wireless carrier says bans such as this should not become the norm for 'smartphone wars,' Foss Patents reports.

Sprint filed a brief asking a federal appeals court not to impose a ban on the Galaxy Nexus, saying that it doesn't want such injunctions to become the norm for the industry, Foss Patents reported today.

Apple has two days left to file its opposition to Samsung's motion to lift the ban until the appeals process is complete. The iPhone maker requested the ban on the Galaxy Nexus in February, alleging several patent infringements. Apple argued that the smartphone should not be sold while the court resolves the intellectual-property question.

Although a federal judge approved the ban, it was temporarily lifted by the appeals court last week.

While Sprint's opinion doesn't materially affect the judge's decision -- it's an opinion from a third party -- it may highlight concerns other carriers may have about the multiple patent infringement suits being hurled about.

In Sprint's brief the wireless service provider calls itself an "unwitting victim" of the lawsuit, and said bans shouldn't be a "staple" of "smartphone wars." Sprint said the delay of the Nexus would hurt the company, "leaving a void" in its device lineup.