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Speedy new Thermador dishwasher sets the pace

Kitchens may be places where fast-paced activities occur on a regular basis, but that quickness is usually reserved for before the meal.

Thermador dishwasher sets a new angle for clean dishes.
Thermador dishwasher sets a new angle for clean dishes. Thermador

Tearing through prep work to create a meal is a natural experience for any cook. Things need to get chopped, sliced, and diced, and hungry people don't like waiting. From the simplest home kitchens to those basking in the glow of Michelin stars, preparation is often the most frenzied part of the meal. But now it looks like the clean-up is catching up.

The new Thermador Star-Sapphire Dishwasher boasts luxury features as well as StarSpeed, the "industry's fastest full-wash residential hot water cycle," according to Thermador. What does this mean in real life? It means a full load of clean dishes in 20 minutes.

A boost to performance is always a good thing, and the new dishwasher keeps the pace by including handy features. Designed for large dinner parties as well as for everyday use, the built-in appliance is adjustable with folding tines, a flexible tool drawer as well as enough room to clean 18 large wine glasses per load.

The new Thermador Star-Sapphire dishwasher is set to hit the ground running later this month. It will be available in three model configurations (DWHD651JFP, DWHD651JFM, and DWHD651JPR) designed to match a variety of kitchen styles.