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Spam and the gold medalist

Australian freestyle skier Dale Begg-Smith brought home a gold for his country at the Olympics this week.

Dale Begg-Smith
And according to reports, he's brought gold to himself in a less publicity-friendly way: by selling pop-up ad technology.

According to a report in The Age, Begg-Smith "runs an internet pop-up advertising company that he describes as the third largest of its type."

Begg-Smith tried to deflect questions about the company at a press conference after his medals ceremony this week, saying "I don't know why we're talking about the company. I just won Olympic gold."

Blog community response:

"I say the IOC ought to investigate Begg-Smith's business conduct to determine whether it tarnishes the reputation of the Olympic movement."
--Spam Kings

"I know the concept of Olympians being amateurs is outdated, but shouldn't they be barred from competition for this sort of thing?"

"Although IMO what Begg-Smith does online has no relevance to his physical ability or his Olympic achievements - we're getting a reminder that Karma is a bytch baby and it's hard to scrub off taint. No matter how great your next move or achievement is."