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South Korea's LG adds PC boxes to its plate

There is a new player in India when it comes to making the plastic boxes for desktop PCs.

South Korea's LG Electronics is apparently planning on adding a new production line at its Greater Noida factory... a hop skip and a jump from India's capital Delhi. The neighborhood is good. Companies like Honda Siel, Pepsi, Denso India, Escorts Yamaha, Moser Baer and Videocon all have offices there.

LG is well known for its mobile phone handsets, but the ChannelTimes reports suggests that LG executives wanted to complete the circle with the PC cabinets considering they already make cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitors, liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors and optical storage drives.

LG big wigs told the press that they are hoping to make 20,000 boxes in a month for every new design. Currently, LG ships its products to partners in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The short-term goal is to increase these exports by about 30 percent.

Considering LG has some pretty wild mobile designs, the company's new business line should come up with some interesting PC candy coated shells.