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Sony prepping Bloggie camcorder with Wi-Fi

A recent FCC filing suggests Sony has a wireless portable HD camcorder in the works.

Sony's next-generation Bloggie will have Wi-Fi. Flip Video is rolling in its grave. FCC

Sony's Bloggie cameras have some compelling features, with current models touting offerings such as a touch screen, 3D video and photo capture, and two LCD screens.

A recent FCC filing confirms that a new Bloggie model, the MHS-TS55, is set for a reveal with a feature previously unseen in Sony's portable HD camcorders: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.

While there's no official word from Sony even confirming the existence of this device, it is reasonable to assume that the integrated wireless will allow consumers to synchronize their media to a computer, or even directly upload content to social-media sites such as Facebook.

One other nugget of information found in the FCC filing is that the camera will have HDMI output, a feature already found in this generation of Bloggie devices. Other details are slim to none at this point, but do not be surprised if features in previous Bloggie cameras--like 1080p video capture, built-in USB, and a low price point--return. Expect to hear more about this gem at Sony's CES event in January.