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Sony Personal 3D Viewer (heads-on test)

CNET UK straps on Sony's thoroughly weird Personal 3D Viewer headset, a head-mounted display that simulates a 62.5-foot screen. Does it look any good?

Hit play on the video above to witness our hands-on testing of Sony's thoroughly weird Personal 3D Viewer headset, which straps two tiny screens in front of your eyes to deliver a totally isolated movie experience.

The Viewer itself attaches to your head, and is secured in place by a series of straps. Two 0.7-inch OLED screens, each with a 1,280x720-pixel resolution, then fire images into your eyes, creating a 3D effect.

But does it look any good? Watch the video and you'll find out what we thought. Sadly you won't be able to see because you're watching in 2D. Bummer.

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