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Sony KDL-BX420 series review: A cheap, pleasant surprise

If you don't expect the world from the entry-level Sony KDL-BX420 LCD, its picture quality may be a pleasant surprise.

The KDL-BX420 series is Sony's least-expensive 1080p LCD, but its picture quality isn't half bad. Sarah Tew/CNET

By this time next year, companies like Sony might not even sell TVs like the KDL-BX420 series.

The CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent) backlight that illuminates this TV's LCD panel is slowly going extinct, replaced especially in larger screen sizes by LEDs packed into razor-thin cabinets that can generate more light from less power. They can also generate higher profits.

The BX420 is Sony's least expensive 1080p TV for 2011, and it's a very good value. The picture quality isn't up to the best non-LED models we've seen, like Samsung's more expensive LND630, but we noticed no major problems and a couple of surprising strengths. We wouldn't recommend it for budget videophiles, but casual viewers who don't want to pay more for LED will find plenty to like about the Sony KDL-BX420.

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