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Sony gives remotes a new palette

New models come in metallic finishes of silver, blue, and red.

Akihabara News

Sony certainly can't be blamed for designing more electronics products to be fashionable. After all, we've seen other companies try everything from Jetsons-style TVs to designer set-top boxes. But there's a sad social commentary in so much thought being given to the remote control.

Sony has experimented with multi-colored remotes before, even making some of them waterproof (another sad commentary). Apparently, that wasn't enough. Now the company is making yet another remote to match the decor, in metallic finishes of silver, blue, or red.

Promising a bit of detente, the RM-PLZ510D supposedly works with products from rival Japanese manufacturers, according to Akihabara News. But given our experiences with Sony remotes, it's not the color or compatibility that we'd be concerned about.