Sony Ericsson W715 Walkman to get indie songstress sat-nav feature

We hate it when everyone discovers our favourite haunt, but three London-based singer-songwriters obviously don't mind, as they've made a sat-nav tour of their hangouts for the Sony Ericsson W715 Walkman


We're independent, lone-wolf types, who like nothing better than to walk the mean streets, humming the lyrics to Under the Bridge. But, when that gets boring, we like to turn on our sat-nav and pretend the pretty lady voice is our best friend.

So we're looking forward to the launch of a new feature for the Sony Ericsson W715 Walkman that will see three London-based singer-songwriters perform a sat-nav tour of their hipster hangouts.

The three arbiters of cool are Amy Studt (pictured), who supported Razorlight in 2007 under the imaginative alias Jane Wails; Eliza Doolittle, who's been working on her accent; and Zarif, whose Box of Secrets song features in a Sky TV advert.

The feature will work with the W715's turn-by-turn GPS navigation feature, and include info about 'Zarif’s favourite watering hole or the vintage boutique which is the source of Eliza Doolittle's unique style'. Presumably Zarif will have to find a new watering hole after hers is swamped with losers clutching W715s who want to make new friends.

The W715 is exclusive to Vodafone, and customers will be able to download the indie-stalker feature free from the Inside Tracks Web site, which will launch on 16 April. The guides are only for jolly London town.

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