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Sony Dream Machine for cheap, humble dreams

Sony unveils a new $20 clock radio under their Dream Machine brand.

Photo of the Sony ICF-C414 alarm clock
The Sony ICF-C414 alarm clock. Sony

With so many of us dreaming on a budget these days, it makes sense that Sony's latest Dream Machine clock radio (the ICF-C414) retails for a measly $20.

Granted, there aren't a lot of bells and whistles to inflate the price--no iPod dock, no CD player, no integrated sounds of pastoral splendor to rouse you from restful slumber. Nope, instead Sony's keeping this one lean and mean with an AM/FM radio, buzzer, automatic time set, daylight-saving time adjustment, snooze button, battery backup, and 1.4-inch LED clock.

The Sony Dream Machine ICF-C414 may be short on frills, but it's a Sony and it's $20, so you could do worse. Anyway, I have to admit there's something I like about the way this thing combines a kind of cold, menacing design with the words "Dream Machine." It's like a Nihilist with a unicorn tattoo.

The Sony ICF-C414 Dream Machine alarm clock will be available starting in April 2009.