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Sonos preps smaller networked speaker, the Play:3

An FCC filing reveals that Sonos has a new, more compact all-in-one speaker in the works. It appears to be called the Play:3.

The Sonos Play:3 as it looks on the FCC Web site.

Ever since Sonos released its S5 networked speaker, we've been asking company reps to put out a smaller, less-expensive version that's designed for spots like bathrooms, kitchens, or a bedroom nightstand. Well, it appears we may soon get our wish.

Dave Zatz of spotted the upcoming Sonos product on the FCC Web site, where it's referred to in branding material as the Play:3. In his post Zatz notes that the "3" may refer to the number of drivers in the speaker. The $399 S5 has five while the smaller Play:3 could potentially have three.

We'd like to see the new speaker cost around $249, which would help Sonos attract customers with more restrained budgets. Like Zatz, we've been fans of Sonos' multiroom audio system since its inception, and while it's comparably affordable at around $850 for a two-room S5 system (if you have an iOS or Android device to use as a remote), it would ideally be cheaper to add extra rooms.

As soon as we get word that the Play:3 is actually coming to market--and how much it costs--we'll let you know.

Potential branding for the new networked Sonos speaker.